Crip* courses are available to undergraduate and graduate students and will engage students in forming a cripistemelogical perspective and the support to incorporate that perspective into studio practices. Other courses will engage students in the production of a public facing event or workshop made in collaboration with a visiting artist.

Crip* Course List Spring 2024

FAA 550: deaf* - in/around Art + Communication

Spring 2024 at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

deaf*—a term to describe a multiplicity of non-normative experiences, vantages, and epistemologies in/around aurality, orality, communication, listening, and beyond— is emergent, speculative, re: generative, and horizontal (of/towards the sensorium’s horizon). This course will explore, chart, apply, and expand upon deaf* creative/critical methodologies through a combination of theoretical, practical, and historical modes. deaf* will also critically engage issues of access, embodiment, and representation through an applied cripistemological framework and a consideration of the social and political histories of hard of hearing and d/Deaf individuals.

In support of expanded accessibility and Crip multiplicity, this course is being offered both in-person and virtually with synchronous and asynchronous modalities.

CRNs: 75985 (synchronous) & 75988 (asynchronous)

When: Wednesday 9:00-11:50 am 

Where: Architecture Room 20B, & Online

Credits: 4 

Contact: Christopher Jones or Liza Sylvestre 

FAA 556 / MUS 566 Cripping Music

Spring 2024 at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Cripping Music critically and creatively engages the applied research strategies, creative methodologies, and disciplinary conventions of Music via Crip* principles. The course will serve to discover and design new crip-centric approaches and strategies specific to music & will collaborate directly with a series of Crip-informed visiting artists/scholars. The course will be taught in collaboration with Professor Donna Gallo and the School of Music.

FAA 597 Crip* Grad Directed Research

This Independent Study supports Crip/Disabled identifying graduate students through regular studio visits, check-ins and professional development.  

FAA 497: Crip* Undergraduate Internship

(Crip*) is a creative research project led by Christopher Robert Jones and Liza Sylvestre. Crip* focuses on delinking the typical medical approach to disability studies, which means that rather than viewing disability as a deficit in need of correcting we understand the Crip/Disabled experience to produce a valuable knowledge set, or ‘cripistemology’. During the semester we are interested in working with interns on projects outlined below, we are especially interested in working with students who have disabilities (we have them too!): Crip*-Toward Disability Aware Cities, Crip/Disability culture building, Workshops with artists, Support of your projects and research. If you’d like to meet us, learn more, or apply to the internship please email Christopher Jones or Liza Sylvestre.

This internship supports the projects and research of Crip/Disabled identifying undergraduate students. Support consists of regular check-ins throughout the semester, studio visits, support for independent projects, and professional development guidance in addition to direct work on Crip* projects.

FAA 498 Crip* Advanced Study
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